Monday, June 18, 2007

Bread and Jam as cure for digestion problem?

Today a friend called and asked me to come and treat her. She has sever diarreah since yesterday, and she is very weak. She fell down once today. I came over and saw her, she looked weak and a little bit green. I suspected that the earth element is too weak so i asked and she confirmed that she also feels an uprizing movement from the Diaphram up, like wanting to voimt. She also could not breath well because this pressure on the diaphram.
Her pulse was very weak everywhere, except for the Large Intestine which was full and Tense.
I selected a treatment to restore the earth element to the stomach and the middle burner. I used St-37 + st-39 on both feet, and co-11 on the right hand. The sea points for both Intestines strength the entire system and create better middle by acting in different directions. The earth point of the Large Intestine was selected to stable the Large Intestine, and to create the YangMing division, to better assist in treating acute digestion problems.
The pulse appeared right away, and was stable, and after the treatment she felt better already. she asked me what to eat but said "Please don't say rice...", so I asked her what she like to have. she said bread with some sweet paste on it. To her it sounded so unhealthy, but in her case the bread is a great stabelizer, as it absorbs the liquids, and the jam or sweet paste can give her some strength she needs so much now.

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