Friday, April 27, 2007

Anemia caused by Iron deficiency in infants

I recently started treating a 14 months year old baby boy, that his (standard) blood test at 1 year age came back with Hemoglobin 10, when it should be 13 for kids his age. The herbal treatment just started and we will find out how it worked only after the next blood test, in a month or two. Meanwhile I searched the web for some information about Iron-Deficiency Anemia, and found this great article, That reminded me that treating this Anemia is first based on proper nutrition and the herbal treatment is only supportive. In this article you can find lists of foods you should eat when you have this Anemia or Suggest to your patients if they have it. I will return to report on this baby as i get further news from his mother. Because this case has no symptoms except some numbers on some paper, I used (after consulting with my teacher) a standard blood-tonifying formula:
Shan Yao 12
Fu Ling 12
Bai Shao 12
Bai Zhu 12
Gu Ya 12
Ma Ya 12

If any of you have experience with such case I would appreciate it if you post your suggested formula as a comment.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chinese Medicine case study - Water in the Yang Ming

A Friend came to me last week, complaining about an open sore on the left side of his tongue. He has bitten his tongue a week before, and the wound was now infected, hot and a bit swollen. It was pretty painful.
I took his pulse and noticed that the pulses of both the Stomach and the Large-Intestine meridians were wiry and floating. I decided to use the cooling water energy to calm down the place, and to use the Yang Ming meridians to get the water to the right place.
I needled points st-44 and co-2, being both water points on the Yang Ming meridians, and added st-6 to direct the calming effect of the stomach meridian strait to the center of the wound.
My friend felt relieved almost immediatly, and the pulses of the Stomach and Large-Intestine meridians were now much softer and deeper. After 20 minutes he felt much better. I asked him to wash the place with salt water (1 teaspoon for 1 cup of water) and put leaves of Sage on the wound. After 3 days the wound was gone.