Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring equinox

Today, march 21st, is the spring equinox. Astronomically this means that the length of the day and night are equal today. This is true all over the world and this may be the only natural phenomenon that unites the entire planet together, even the northern and southern hemisfers, which usually have opposite seasons.

This special day brings with it special qualities that the chinese medicine recognize. The two basic forces that drive the world, the Yin and Yang, are today equal in their power and presence, and therefore bring harmony to this day. This day is the spring equinox, therefore is brings powers of growth and prosperity, which are the forces of the spring.

Another quality of this day is maximum movement of Qi between Yin and Yang. This day brings the most powerful transformation forces and allows for changes that might not be possible in other days of the year.

The yellow emperor learned from his doctor teacher that in order to maintain health according to the quality of spring we should encourage instead of punish.

Many traditions celebrate at or around this day. some even place their new year day in this date. traditions show us that people have long recognized the special qualities of this day and made efforts to mention it in their rituals and ceremonies.

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