Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chinese Medicine case study - Water in the Yang Ming

A Friend came to me last week, complaining about an open sore on the left side of his tongue. He has bitten his tongue a week before, and the wound was now infected, hot and a bit swollen. It was pretty painful.
I took his pulse and noticed that the pulses of both the Stomach and the Large-Intestine meridians were wiry and floating. I decided to use the cooling water energy to calm down the place, and to use the Yang Ming meridians to get the water to the right place.
I needled points st-44 and co-2, being both water points on the Yang Ming meridians, and added st-6 to direct the calming effect of the stomach meridian strait to the center of the wound.
My friend felt relieved almost immediatly, and the pulses of the Stomach and Large-Intestine meridians were now much softer and deeper. After 20 minutes he felt much better. I asked him to wash the place with salt water (1 teaspoon for 1 cup of water) and put leaves of Sage on the wound. After 3 days the wound was gone.

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